DS: All Offbrand PRICES REDUCED! (+Half off other items))

 ♫My feedback page is here
♫All my prices are in USD
♫Shipping is not included in prices, please ask for a quote
♫Also, if you want tracking, let me know, it will cost a bit extra
♫If you feel a price is too high, feel free to negotiate!
♫I do combine shipping! PLEASE ASK BEFOREHAND!
*♫ SPECIAL OFFER: Interested in more than 1 item? Pay full price for the higher priced  item and I'll give you half off ALL OTHER items you want! ♫*
♫PLEASE! I'm moving and need these items gone!
♫Any questions? Ask! <3

*Proof is the doughnut plush*

Tip-Top Caplet- $20
There are a few dirt marks, I will do my best to remove them before shipping out.

Mini Pink Caplet- $10

K.Star Lace Blouse -$25 Size small (Stretchy though)

Sailor Cap- $10

White Dolphin Bow - $4

And yes! The special offer applies to these items as well! 

Pinstripe Pumps (US- Womens Size 7) 

Pink JLO shoes

Red TUK bow shoes

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 Graduation day : June 17th :)

18th Birthday: July 8th!

Approaching all so fast!!!

Here's some misc. pictures of things I've been snapped doing these past few months!


Venice Beach!

Pudding Stayed Over! We took her to Disneyland too!

Party! Party! Fun! Fun! Fun!!


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 PMX was definitely fun. I had a great time with miss Allix. However, when I arrived home empty- handed I was very sad. I regret not getting a Lucky Pack. I really wanted a bonnet and socks. Those are the two things I really need.

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 I might have an ulcer. The doctors don’t know yet. I’ve been dropping weight though. Because, even though I don’t eat that often, I can’t eat certain foods ebcause they hurt my stomach. I can’t have sugar or caffeine or carbonated drinks or greasy food or most meats. I’ve been eating a lot of baby food and drinking a lot of gatorade.

I had a livejournal account for 3 years,

 and I hadn't logged on for about the past 6 months.
I go to log onto bingequeen and I discover that my account had been deleted...
I'm so sad.
I had so many things on there that can never ever be replaced.
so many friends that I can't remember their account names.
I just made this account today.
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